Press Release - February 11, 2015

Greg Dell announces a new associate. This will ensure continued expansion of Professional Land Development and Consulting services to clients who have come to depend on the company’s almost thirty years of experience.

Nicholas Dell has joined the firm after successfully completing his BA Honors in Philosophy and English from Guelph University. His academic background is well suited to the services currently in place that satisfy our client’s needs. “We look forward to the enhanced depth his addition to the team makes” says Greg Dell.

Harrison Dell has been working with the firm for several years in a senior management role following the completion of his Honors Business Degree from Trent University. He brings a unique combination of practical and academic background to his role, specializing in using technology to provide the service clients have come to depend on.

Greg Dell continues to be actively involved in the day to day operations of the business, focusing on making key presentations, working with stakeholders in the community and focusing on the political landscape to ensure our clients planning and development concerns are addressed in an expedient and professional way.
Greg Dell said about the expansion: “This is a business about attention to detail. This addition creates improved resources. We need to evolve as the needs of our clients and community do, and this is a step in the direction of a solid future”. Greg Dell & Associates proudly announces today that Nicholas Dell will join Harrison and Greg.

Press Release - Greg Dell Running for Mississauga City Council, Ward 4,
April 2015

This is a by-election, and it’s an opportunity to elect somebody different – a straight-shooting, plain-spoken citizen who will fight successfully for value for taxpayer dollars. That’s what I am – a resident of Mississauga for over 35 years , I  love this city, I want to continue fighting to make it a better place.

My professional life has also given me a strong outsider perspective into the way things work – and the way they don’t – at Mississauga City Hall. I’ve built my business – Greg Dell & Associates – into one of the most in-demand land development consultancies in Ontario. As a professional planner, I’ve worked on behalf of thousands of property owners and residents that need to deal with City Hall regarding everything from permits to development projects.

If elected to council, I will push for three key initiatives that all go to ensuring respect for taxpayer dollars and giving citizens more of a say into how their money is spent:

  • We need a core services review of all City services and programs – what are we doing, are we doing it right, could we do it better?
  • We should establish a blue ribbon panel of expertise to provide advice to mayor and council – are we getting value for taxpayer dollars?
  • We must implement participatory budgeting –not just emails and tweets to participate - residents should take the time to have a direct say in how City resources can best be spent, on the priorities they identify in their own communities.